Niagara Blower Acquires Kathabar, Inc.

Niagara Blower Company has acquired the assets of Kathabar, Inc. from Ross Air Systems. Located in Somerset, New Jersey, Kathabar designs and manufactures dehumidification systems for the food, beverage, metals, and pharmaceutical industries. The newly formed subsidiary will be called Kathabar Dehumidification Systems, Inc. (KDS). Terms of the deal were not more

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Niagara Blower design-build equipment general applications

Our WSAC™ coolers and condensers are optimized for industrial applications, and provide:
    ●    rugged industrial design and fabrication with NO PLASTIC FILL
        efficient closed-loop cooling and condensing capabilities
        cooler fluid outlet temperatures (5 degree approach)
        ability to use almost ANY source for make-up water. Examples include:
                    » cooling tower blowdown
                    » plant discharge
                    » river water
    ●    lower installed and maintenance costs

NBCo’s WSAC systems have clear and distinct advantages in many applications that involve liquid cooling or vapor condensing. Some examples of successful WSAC utilization in industry include:
    ●    electrical power generation
        steel manufacturing
        chemical and petrochemical processing
        food and beverage industries

Niagara's “No-Frost”® refrigeration and dehumidification products are used in very diverse commercial and industrial applications including:
    ●    blast freezers for food processing and storage
        meat and poultry

The unique characteristics of our “No-Frost”® line include:
    ●    energy efficient frost-free refrigeration
        dew point depression
        effective air cleaning with airborne pathogen removal




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