Niagara Blower Acquires Kathabar, Inc.

Niagara Blower Company has acquired the assets of Kathabar, Inc. from Ross Air Systems. Located in Somerset, New Jersey, Kathabar designs and manufactures dehumidification systems for the food, beverage, metals, and pharmaceutical industries. The newly formed subsidiary will be called Kathabar Dehumidification Systems, Inc. (KDS). Terms of the deal were not more

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Founded in 1904, Niagara Blower Company was originally known for its success in manufacturing high quality air conditioning and heating equipment for industrial applications.  In 1914, Niagara worked to design and perform contract ventilating and dust collecting installations in Western New York and Pennsylvania.  Moving into the late 1920s, the potential for equipment in the air conditioning and refrigeration field was recognized. At this time the vertical spray type air conditioning unit was developed and patented, replacing many of the air-washer type units.

By 1930, Niagara Blower Company was manufacturing and marketing air engineering products and systems including air conditioners, fan heaters, fan coolers, and central systems for air conditioning, humidifying, de-humidifying, processing, drying, and dehydrating.

As time passed, the field of endeavor broadened and other lines of equipment were added such as the Niagara Aero-Pass Condenser, Niagara Oilout, Niagara Aero Heat Exchangers including Aero Aftercoolers and Vapor Condensers, dehumidification with the Hygrol Conditioner and Concentrator, "No-Frost"® Spray Cooler and Concentrator, and the Air Handling Unit.

Since the early 1950s, Niagara has earned a reputation for its successful development of innovative, well engineered designs for varied heat transfer applications.

Today, Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions is concentrated in three distinct product lines. Each of these product lines offer unique and cost effective solutions to the varied, and highly specialized, cooling needs in industry.

Niagara product lines include WSAC™ closed-loop, evaporative liquid coolers and vapor condensers;  “No-Frost”® refrigeration and dehumidification systems; and Kathabar dehumidification and energy recovery systems.




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