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Niagara liquids and additives

You have a choice when buying glycol for your Niagara No-Frost® system. Before you make a decision based solely on money, you should ask the following questions:

"Am I compromising system longevity to save money?" and, "Am I buying the correct liquid for my Niagara No-Frost system?"

Nine reasons to use only Niagara endorsed liquids in your system

Reasons include: Free analysis of your liquid, retaining your warranty, durable bacteria is inhibited, food industry approved, non-corrosive, liquid availability, competitively priced, Niagara expertise, use less liquid, and save energy. Click here to view the complete list.

Genuine Niagara No-Frost and Hygrol liquids

  • Niagara No-Frost LV-2 Liquid contains a blue dye for identification.  No-Frost LV-2 has a lower viscosity at low temperatures, and thus is used in systems that require operation at temperatures below 0oF (-18oC).
  • Niagara No-Frost KV Liquid is typically used at room temperatures above 0oF (-18oC) and is used for controlling the relationship between the dry bulb and dew point temperature.  KV is also blue in color.
  • Niagara Hygrol Liquid is a yellow-dyed liquid predominantly for controlling air humidity.  Hygrol liquid relies on its hygroscopic nature to absorb water from an air stream into which the Hygrol is sprayed.  Hygrol is a stable, non-corrosive liquid.
  • Niagara Clearfrost Liquids are additives used help maintain system stability.  There are several variations of Clearfrost available with uses including: corrosion inhibitor, foam depressant, alkalinity booster, and bacteriocide. 

More information on Niagara liquids

For more information and literature on Niagara liquids, check out the No-Frost Literature page.  If you have further questions regarding the use of Niagara specifically formulated liquids, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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