No Frost

No-Frost® system operation summary

The No-Frost system is comprised of a sprayed coil conditioner and a No-Frost liquid concentrator. The system employs a No-Frost liquid spray to cool air, eliminate frost, control the air dew point, eliminate airborne particles, and deodorize air passing through the spray chamber and evaporator surface.

Niagara's No-Frost is the refrigeration system that provides efficient and continuous control over process air dry bulb and dew point temperatures and even airborne particles, including bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella and Yersinia with the added benefit of a completely frost-free operation.

In the conditioner, a continuous spray of No-Frost liquid is pumped over the evaporator coil, with the conditioner fan pulling air from the refrigerated space through the spray coil chamber and back into the area. The spray of No-Frost liquid picks up moisture that would otherwise become frost on the coil surface. The liquid then becomes dilute and is circulated to the liquid concentrator which removes the excessive moisture from the liquid using a heat source.

The Niagara concentrator maintains the No-Frost liquid at its proper strength automatically and provides the most economical means of removing moisture from a refrigerated space. The amount of dew point depression can be varied by changing the concentration of No-Frost liquid or by utilization of the patented Hygrol method of dehumidification for higher temperature ranges.

NoFrost New Schematic