No Frost


Construction FeaturesConstruction features

Niagara No-Frost® conditioners are specifically designed to meet USDA sanitation standard requirements for the food industry. All interior parts are readily accessible for inspection and cleaning. Interior surfaces are designed to eliminate pockets which could collect dirt, lint, or bacteria. Finishes are smooth and corrosive-resistant. Systems are available in carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

Niagara conditioners are completely accessible through the inlet, discharge or full sized access doors. The casings and drain pans are fabricated of heavy gauge steel of panel construction. Each panel is designed as a structural member. When welded or bolted together, no internal supports are required. Panels may be removed in the field to facilitate inspection. Consult your local Niagara engineer for complete specifications.

Control LogicControl logic

Control logic for the No-Frost system is supplied by advanced microprocessor based circuitry. The system "brain" is designed to provide operating signals to various control points based on analog sensory inputs such as temperature or pressure. The control center continuously checks the system operation and makes adjustments accordingly in order to maintain peak operating efficiency. The computer "brain" may be equipped with a communication link (modem) for remote observation, operation, and data logging.