No Frost

What is No-Frost®

Background and history

In 1933, Niagara developed and patented the first "No-Frost®" evaporator system to solve a specific refrigeration problem. Since that first patent, Niagara has addressed refrigeration problems with custom equipment for industrial air handling applications, low temperatures applications, and liquid desiccant dehumidification control.

Today Niagara handles refrigeration needs for industries ranging from food processing to pharmaceuticals. Niagara has earned an excellent worldwide reputation for superior product design, technical support, and engineering excellence for numerous custom heat transfer applications.

Innovations in moisture management

Moisture is present in our everyday world in many forms. It exists as a solid in the form of ice, snow and frost, as a liquid in the form of water and condensation, and as a vapor in the form of humidity and steam. 

Water freezes at 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius). Other simple properties of water are that water vapor seeks to be at equilibrium with itself and that water expands as it freezes. All these properties are quite simple but can wreak havoc on refrigerated spaces. Moisture can cause issues such as refrigeration system under design, structural and mechanical problems, overall system deterioration, employee safety concern, bacteria growth, product problems, and poor shelf life.

Niagara Blower's moisture management systems are quite different from conventional cooling based dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Instead of treating the air by cooling to condense moisture, the moisture manager's unique liquid desiccant attracts moisture from the air.

Independent university laboratories have documented the moisture manager's dehumidification effectiveness and its removal of airborne micro-organisms. Refer to research bulletins for control of such contaminants as Listeria, Salmonella, Yersinia, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, tobacco smoke, and more.

No other manufactured product in the air conditioning industry can solve air quality problems like Niagara's moisture manager. It is designed for production, processing, and storage of our basic food staples.

The Niagara moisture manager's combination of moisture and condensation control, bacteria control, and air pollutant removal is the solution to indoor air quality problems and sick building syndromes for both today and tomorrow.

Merits of the moisture management

Fact Feature Benefit
No-Frost on coil surface No need to oversize entire refrigeration system for defrost Horsepower savings

No structural damage due to thermal shock or ice formation
Safer, longer life cycle facility
  Higher co-efficient of performance (COP)
Lower operating cost
Removes latent load through desiccant technology
"Grabs" the moisture
Keeps the entire facility frost and moisture free
Controls bacteria and filters air
Removes bacteria from possible point of contamination and renders them inactive
High quality product with longer shelf life
Supplies air at precise dew points depending on desiccant concentration and temperature
Can vary concentration to provide different conditions
System flexibility
Provides continuous air outlet condition
No unscheduled downtime
Continuous product output without product rejection